Well it almost time for the weekend and it has  been gone for a long time almost 15 years but its back a little early  Thursday August 28th Lost Weekend returns to Downtown. This time on Clematis but always on the second floor and this will also give you a birdís eye view of what has become one the hotter clubs in the area, Dr FeelGoods. Cleve Mash and Vince Neil have along with a talented staff made this place happen and with the addition of Lost Weekend  and Monarchy coming in the coming months solidified this as a major entertainment anchor. West Palm Downtown recently scored very high in walkable cities with a 97 on  and this a major item as with the high price of Gas and traffic walka-ble city  downtown areas really bring in to kinds of green the enviro and the one with pictures of Presidents. City Center is moving along and the Waterfront project is well underway as well with new shops and eateries coming in as well. For a treat for you canine friends you can beat Paw and Spa see them on the Video Gallery and go say hi to Paula right across from The Prado . When it comes to late night bites you neednít go but Pizza Luna and have some the delights that Demir and his Staff serve til 4 AM . Cuillo Center continues o bring ion a myriad of Entertainment with Uncorked every Thursday Night and original plays like Lost Love Life an inquisitive and entertaining look at Marlon Brando and if you like Jazz, Zach Phillips is bringing Zach Schwartz Quintet. Now featuring Jazz with the Susan Merrit Trio every Friday and Sunday with the Jams, is Fire Rock Pizza. If you havenít tasted the wonderful creations that come out of the Charcoal Fired one of a kind oven done by creator John Reis, you are missing a treat for your taste buds big time. So come on Downtown walk drink eat shop and enjoy being in one of Americas most walkable u









Billy Smith Auto 615 N Dixie 561-832-6620 Auto Service    
Visual Evidence 601 N Dixie 561-655-2855 Legal Service    
First Bank Palm Beaches 415 5th 561-847-2700 Bank    
Fire Station Company One 500 N Dixie 561-804-4700 Fire Rescue    
Palm Beach County Court District Attorney 300 N Dixie   Government    
15th Judicial Courthouse 205 N Dixie 561-355-2401 Government    
Restored 1916 Courthouse 301 N Dixie 561-355-2754 Tourist Attraction   New Palm Beach County Historical  Museum
Subway 122 N Dixie 561-514-4195 Eatery    
Available 100 N Dixie 334-546-3861 Retail   Several Retail Eatery Spaces
Sprinkles  S Dixie Clematis 561-832-7522 Eatery    
Blackstone Building 108  S Dixie   Office Building    
Jenny Alterations 106  S Dixie 561-655-1133 Retail    
Sanctuary Barber 105 S Dixie 561-721-9648 Retail    
Graham Interiors 104 S Dixie 561-659-9745 Office    
Available 103 S Dixie   Retail    
Available 102 S Dixie   Retail    


101 S Dixie 561-659-7373 Restaurant   Mid Eastern featuring Hookahs and Belly Dancing 
Worth Realty 300 S Dixie 561-655-4433 Office    
Available 302 S Dixie   Retail    
Deth Gunz Tattoos 304 S Dixie 561-650-0350 Retail    
Available 306 S Dixie   Retail    
Martini Nails 314 S Dixie


Available 318 S Dixie   Retail    
 Psychic Visions by Ava 320 S Dixie 561-805-7772 Retail    
Florida Public Utilities 401 S Dixie 561-832-8072  Retail -Utility    
Russo Subs 415 S Dixie 561-659-4333 Eatery    
Vital Printing 421 S Dixie 561-659-2367 Retail Service    
Porter Paint 510 S Dixie 561-655-4055 Retail    
Goodyear Gemini 515 S Dixie 561-8324181 Retail Automotive    
Power Chiropractic 516 S Dixie 561-659-6636      
Hibiscus Liquors 522 S Dixie 561-337-4323 Retail   Just  renovated Apartment and Office  Space Avail
The Prado 600 S Dixie   Residence    
City Palms 601 S Dixie   Residence   Under Construction
Community Foundation 700 S Dixie 561-659-6800 Office    
City Plaza One Dixie and Olive   Residence    
City Plaza  Two     Residence   Under Construction

Palm Beach Motor Cars

915 S Dixie 866-794-8527 Retail Auto