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Morel's Meat Market And Shabbas Specials Now Available!
Dear Friends,
Due to popular demand, Morel's is now offering two new services to our community:
  1. Shabbas take-home specials.
  2. Prime meat and poulty products, butcher-shop style.

Please find our menu of products offered below!  (Please note that prices and availability are subject to change.  We ask that our customers call ahead with thier orders to ensure we have what is needed.)

We are excited to offer these new service to our community and look forward to serving all of your Kosher needs.
Best Regards,
Moty Albini, Proprietor
Morel's Bistro & Pub
Shabbas Take-Home Specials

Not enough time to make Shabbas Dinner? Or simply love our food?  Now you can take Morel's home with you for Shabbas with our ready to serve Shabbas specials.
All Shabbat Dinner Specials include:
1 Quart of Soup (Chicken,Minestrone, Special)
2 Side Dishes (Ask for specials)
2 Pints of Salad (Cole slaw, Cucumber, Beet, Carrot, or House)
1 Challah
Choice of Main Dish:
1 Whole Roasted Chicken - 29.95
1 lb Brisket in Mushroom sauce - 39.95
1 lb Beef Goulash - 34.99
1 lb Stuffed Cabbage - 34.99
1 lb Chullant with Beef - 34.99
1 lb Chullant with Lamb - 39.99
Please call all Shabbat orders in before pickup.  Orders to be picked up between 1:00pm and 4:00pm. 561-684-0800.

Bistro and Pub
Prime Cut Meat and Poultry Market Menu*

Steak Burgers (100% fresh home-ground beef) - 8.99/lb
Ground Beef (ground in house) - 7.99/lb
Rib eye Steaks - 16.99/lb
Skirt Steaks - 14.99/lb
Beef Skewers - 8.99/lbs
Romanian Kebobs - 9.99/lb
First cut brisket - 14.99/lb
Short ribs - 14.99/lb
Lamb Shanks - 9.99 /lb
Boneless Lamb Shoulder - 12.99/lb
Lamb Skewers - 14.99/lb
Whole Chicken - 2.99/lb
or 1/8 Chicken - 3.49/lb
Chicken breasts - 4.99/lb
Chicken Legs - 2.49/lb
Chicken Wings - 1.99/lb
Boneless Chicken Cutlets - 6.99/lb
Chicken Strips - 7.99/lb
Chicken Skewers - 7.99/lb
Deli Meats
Turkey - 9.99/lb
First cut Pastrami - 19.99/lb
First cut Corned Beef - 19.99/lb

 *Prices subject to change. Please call for pricing, availability, source, and any other questions.
Motty Albini- Owner                         Under ORB Supervision
                                                      Glatt Kosher
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