Urban Pedestrian Residential Entertainment Gateways and Portals

(a different approach) 


If you travel to most Urban Travel Web Gateways or individual websites for mixed projects and developments ,you will see a common linking factor.

 The large majority of those are presented in a directory form giving you the different types of retail, restaurant, eateries, offices etc. by categories.

The experience however of walking and visiting the different places can be better represented, promoted, and marketing by showing on the website the way that the   streets actually look like.  In other words, what is next to each other in real life?    

One key component, utilized is the Interactive Photo Gallery and Directory which in its different forms will follow the street walking experience.




The above shows two typical examples, the first is more creative then most of typical directory sectors from a gateway website. This South Beach Guide features a variety of different information but as you can see the Antiques area while showing names and addresses is a category and does not show the actual layout of the stores on the street.

Carytown has a very concise,  infotational, and fun website. Where it outpaces the South Beach site in one area are the URLS for the individual sites displayed. The businesses logos offer more branding exposure however once again the stores are displayed in a category view. This is a little better as Carytown is made up of primarily Cary Street but if you were going to visit or had been there you would see that it still does not show an exact location of the businesses.

 The type of site will discuss gets allot of activity and impressions before and after visits to the districts.

If the Web Gateway is set up to be a more realistic and real time guide then it will become the dominate web promotion vehicle.



Below are two examples of large Gateway Portals that are very infotaining and present the streets and business showing how they are in real life.



The main front page presents latest updated and real time information, and street directories that will emulate an exact experience of being there.










The example here shows a guide for each street that features a Flash Picture Gallery and it is laid

out by the addresses of  businesses  on the street. The Flash Display allows you to advance manually but it also presents

an auto or manual scrolling gallery at the top that emulates what you might see if you were walking on the street.







On the Street Gallery you will notice a variety of business there and also buildings that are vacant, for rent,

 and also construction going on. Many Gateway sites and almost all City Sites will feature

 Videos that are very much produced and edited to feature all of the areas in a very appealing and staged look to accentuate the positive and ignore the negative.

That is not the purpose here, because that is not what reality is. In this manner the Gateway Site can be a much more effective tool. 

It can be used not only for visitors but as an educational pathway for new operators or investors interested in the area.

















A Gateway Portal that shows the exact layout of the area and can be used as a great tool for many

different objectives displayed in an interesting and infotational manner.

This approach can be implemented in a large Downtown urban district or a smaller mixed development

as both will benefit and produce a variety of revenue streams.












Video is used in a variety of ways but by using a more impromptu approach mixed in with a more produced one it makes

 if the most effective way of letting the visitor have an experiential way to find out what the District is about and its offerings.









The examples above were done in a Flash and because they play very quickly as oppose to downloading a video file,

 give more of a feel as you are there. By spending 10 or 15 minutes on a page like this you can really get cool feel and sense of the area in a fun and edutaining way.










The Below Example is an area just out of Downtown West Palm Beach and is being redeveloped slowly back to it original

 Retail and Entertainment Corridor that had existed in the 1920s . The potential of and Urban Village that will serve

as a perfect connection between the Historic Northwood Area and Downtown West Palm Beach.








This Gateway becomes an excellent location for other Websites in the area to partner and also provide anchors

in the Link Section as well. It also is a great tie in for some of these Businesses to










One key of course to look at is how the returns are via the main

 search engines and there some examples of that listed below 













































As you can see Northwood Village places well in a variety of the Search Engines and it too,

becomes a key Gateway for other websites that want promotion and exposure in the area.



One key component about the Urban Gateway web is that each one will look different as it emulates the look feel and soul of its particular area.

This not a cookie cutter approach showing a scant front page

and a back end with a massive database showing very little of the reality of the area.

This will be an infotational promotions website for special events and on going activities, and the plethora of business, retail and boutique offerings, galleries, niche eateries, live entertainment.

The idea is to present the area as it is in reality the cool, hip but also the lacking and possibly good future investment areas as well.

In this way the Urban Gateway Web can be run as an Informative and effective tool for

 visitors businesses and residents alike in the area.  

Here are the two links for the Websites shown above

 www.downtownwestpalmbeach.net                 www.northwoodvillage.net                     


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